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Our Policy

Charisma Apps (CA) provides free tools, games, educational and entertainment material mostly in the form of Apps for mobile devices. CA respects the privacy of the users of all her Applications and Games especially their personal information such as names. User IDs, Email addresses contacts, photos, videos, textual messages or other contents (whichever is applicable selectively for a particular App) throughout the lifetime of the App usage.

According to this policy CA does not collect, store, process or transmit any personal information outside the device or website on which the App/Game is installed beyond the stated and publicly declared functions of any Apps/Games. Moreover, CA does not share users’ personal information with other Apps/Games, devices, profiles or any third party in any form even on the device on which App and game is installed for any reason whatsoever. The only exclusion to this statement is the presentation of personalized or geo localized advertisement within the Apps and Games that are activated through Google Admob or other Ad Networks Software Development Kit (SDK) using some device information by respective Ad Network. Usually such information sharing is limited to selection of appropriate Ads by the Ad Network. According any information collected, processed, saved or transmitted within the declared scope of the functions published in the App/Game is done strictly with the approval and consent of the users. Most of the times, such events are initiated by the user himself/herself on every instance. Moreover, any personal information obtained/stored within the operational scope of the installed App and game will be deleted and erased from the device permanently on un-installation of the App by the user to safeguard his/her privacy and its NO record is held anywhere for any reason. While CA makes its best effort to safeguard the personal information mentioned above while stored on the device or in use by the App and Game within its defined/ declared scope, CA will not be responsible for any loss of information or data or any consequential loss/damage thereof due to any reason including malfunction of the host device or other malicious code or Apps and Games running on it.


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